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About Us

In 2004 our company was born along with my first son who was the inspiration behind it all. I casted my belly while pregnant, and saved the blank canvas for my son to paint for when he was old enough. From there I found a passion in the art of creating mementos. I wanted to preserve the special memory of my pregnancy to each little toe of my tiny newborn. I have always had a good sense of humour and with tongue in cheek, while playing around with some excess plaster created the Baby Bum Casting kit. I mean come on, what is not to love about the lil bummie! Fun creations, fun memory's, treasures to be shared forever.

Our business quickly evolved into a mom and daughter venture as it grew and my mom became the true backbone of the company. We now also have an extended team that work with us in our two locations. We currently provide casting kits throughout North America, and as the leaders in the industry of this region we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and quality products. Each of our kits is assembled by hand and is produced to the highest standards.

Live, love, and cast it so it lasts!


President of Tummies 2 Bummies