Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit $49.99
Belly casting is the unique way in which parents are preserving the memory of their pregnancy. The belly cast captures the pregnant form of a mother to be for a precious memento. It is a way to connect deeper with the pregnancy as women take the time to indulge in an artistic creation involving their unborn baby, their partners, friends, mothers or whoever they choose to share the experience with. It is also a wonderful way to share the memory with your child once they are older. This blank canvas can be decorated however you choose, and is often hung in the baby's room. It makes a wonderful shower gift and is a not only fun to make, but is something that can be treasured forever.
Mommy's Tummy Belly Casting Kit provides everything needed to make the cast including .

Contents include easy step by step instructions, medical grade plaster, drop sheet, gloves, petroleum jelly, and hanging material.
Total Price: $49.99
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